elastic business solutions are designed for easy integration with other systems and applications commonly used in any company. Thus, it is possible to implement any of the elastic business solutions without having to radically change the way we work, being able to make a gradual transformation and scalable, which progresses with increasing needs of the company.

Although elastic business solutions are designed to integrate with any application or platform, there are a number of conectors that are available by default:

  • Document Management: Jackrabbit (JCR) and Alfresco (CMIS).
  • Accounting: Contaplus, CAI, A3 and Esteo.
  • Mailer: Outlook.
  • Online store PrestaShop.
  • Mobility: iPAD and PDA.
  • Warehouses: SAP, SCADA and Axapta.

Integration with other systems through shared databases, webservices, API'sy importable files extensions xls, csv and txt.