elastic FASHION business


Integral management for companies in the fashion industry

The management of processes in the textile sector (trade, billing, purchasing, production, etc.) is complicated greatly when production volumes increase. In companies with small size this can be handled easily by the team of people responsible for production, but when reaching an industrial level, the complexity of this problem grows significantly. This is the point where it would help greatly to have an information system specialized in textile processes such as elastic FASHION business, in order to organize processes and provides the information necessary for the company to make the best decisions.

elastic FASHION business enables managing and controlling all the processes involved in a textile company: sales, purchasing, production, commercial management, warehousing and billing and is able to do this on a global level. In addition to providing a universal access and control of these processes, which allows for highly efficient management of them and achieving a reduction of costs and time connected to conducting business activities.

This solution is part of SIMSS: a dynamic information system in the cloud that enables fashion companies to connect and synchronize elastic FASHION business with its product, while providing tools which streamline the communication between brands, stores, dealers and end customers, maximizing sales throughout the entire chain.


elastic FASHION business features

  • It helps increase productivity, quality and profitability of processes.
  • Online access in any language (multi-language) and with maximum security (access control).
  • It facilitates the daily tasks of the operators the decision-making process of managers.
  • Standardization of work within the set of productive plants.
  • Optimization of production processes and service orders through the establishment of rule-based systems.
  • Centralized storage of information.
  • Generation of reports associated with the information available.